Thursday, July 2


How could I use photo sharing in the classroom? At first I thought I would not use it, why because I have power point and any picture I would use I could have on my power point presentation. Not only would I have the picture but I would have a place for notes, could print that out, and give it to the students. But wait, Picasa has dropped onto my lap(top) what can I do with it? Use pictures with notes? sure Because it has a place for tags and comments. Wow just like a power point presentation. I realized that everything I have been doing on my wiki and blog has to do with documenting places I have been and their contribution to history. Well I can’t see the whole world so why not let the world help me out. The people of the world can post their pictures and I can borrow them as required. And guess what I save time by not having to print them out. They are on the World Wide Web. Second bonus, they do not take up space on my hard drive like a power point presentation would.
Most kids I have seen have cell phones with some kind of web access. Now I realize homework is homework, but just think what the resourceful student would do—on the bus ride home access the web, look at the pictures take in what needs to be done and voila one assignment done. I know some of you are thing yeah right when Hell freezes over, but guess what I have been to Hell when it was frozen over; Hell Norway that is.

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