Wednesday, June 10

Educational Blogs ( I thought it was interesting even in Australia they are curriculum mapping ) The curriculum mapping was using the web. As I perused through the blog I had a déjà vu feeling. Is this guy teaching our class too. I did not subscribe to this one but from the titles of different articles it is right up our alley. One presentation was titled “Cultivating ‘global competencies’ among students (and faculty.” What I got out of it is the classroom is no longer and edifice, it’s a global institution (this isn’t a blog but it is titled How to: Build a Social Media Cheat Sheet for Any Topic I thought it had relevance to class) Follow the link to WEB 3.0 I followed the link “internet” and found an article titled No More Textbooks: Online Teaching Materials Thought it was interesting to think that textbooks as we know them could become obsolete. My wife uses Amazon’s Kindle for most of her reading material. Then the I realized I also use “online books” my PDA uses acrobat reader which I use to buy books online too. Ad Microsoft reader, the internet, Sony book reader and the paper text book may become a thing of the past

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